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You’ve found the person you want to spend your life with…Congratulations! happens whether it’s good or bad.  And in some cases life throws a curveball during the most wonderful time of your life.  You’ve gotten engaged, and all of a sudden you find yourselves dealing with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  You still want to get married to the love of your life, but now you have to do it while he/she is incarcerated.  Or perhaps you met the love of your life while you were incarcerated. Make sure to also run a warrant check ahead of time to clear up any issues.

Steps to Getting Married within TDCJ

Does it really matter?  You and your fiance deserve a lifetime of happiness and I am here to help that dream come true.  Weddings & More TX offers officiating services for everyone, regardless of sex, age, religion, or incarceration.  I travel all over Texas to perform weddings, and one of the places I love to officiate at are the units of the TDCJ prison system.  I love seeing two people who are in love finally become a happily married couple…regardless of their personal situation.

But how do you go about getting married while one of you is incarcerated?  I have the answers and the ability to do just that.

As an approved wedding officiant for the State of Texas and the Texas prison system (TDCJ), I have been background checked and get re-approved every year.  I have been doing weddings within TDCJ since 2010 and I love doing it.  My rates are affordable with no hidden costs.

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